The network is in broad and essential agreement with the foundational documents of the Gospel Coalition. These include The Gospel for All of LifeConfessional Statement and Vision for Ministry. Together these documents provide a doctrinal foundation consistent with historic orthodox evangelicalism and broad enough for cross-denominational partnerships.

They also provide a framework for addressing the methodological challenges of postmodernism including such issues as contextualization, hermeneutics and culture. Of special importance to the network is the description of gospel-centered ministry.

The NorCal Network places special emphasis upon the core ideas of gospel-centered ministry such as; empowered corporate worship, evangelistic effectiveness, genuine counter-cultural community, the integration of faith and work and the doing of justice and mercy as the application of the gospel in ministry. These core concepts give shape to our local ministries in ways that engage the surrounding culture while always seeking to remain faithful to doctrinal essentials.