Are You Being Called to Plant A Church?

A current phenomena across our country and around the Bay area is the rising number of young men who are considering church planting. But with this growing desire there are also common questions such as ‘Is my desire to plant a church realistic? Am I called to be a church planter? Do I have what it takes to plant a church?”

For many, these questions will remain unanswered. For many, questions such as these are left alone and will never be entertained. And the reason? It is easier to allow questions like these to merely float around in ones mind than it is to take some initial steps to have them answered. There is another way, however.

If you’re a guy who has these sorts of questions in your heart, has it ever occurred to you that these questions and the desire to plant a church are in your heart for a reason? I suspect they are! Could it be that God is the source?

Truth is, you’ll never know unless you investigate. Further, God usually leads us as we are on the move for Him; and so, why not get started?

We at the NorCal Network would be glad to help you along your way on this journey. Some of us have planted churches ourselves while some of us have led existing churches to re-launch. Others are planting now or are in the initial phase of forming a core planting team. But whatever our work for Christ at this time, one thing is true. We have all wrestled with questions like the ones you have; and each of us has had to come to grips with God’s call on our lives. We can help you answer these questions. In addition, we have years of pastoral and leadership experience among us.

And so let me ask you straight up. Are you being called to plant a church?

After reading through the web site, why not contact one of us. We are here to help prospective church planters and will eagerly answer any questions you may have; and if after some initial conversation, you want to investigate further, NorCal can help you move from where you are today trough assessment and on to form a core and plant a church-and all for the glory of Christ.

Posted by NorCal Network on 03/24 at 05:37 PM

Anthony Long says: 04/23  at  10:00 AM

God bless, my name is Anthony Long and I would like to know your opion on what might be the best decision for me to make at this time. I gave my life to Christ in 2002 and since then I have had this passion to preach and teach Gods word. I feel this intense desire to minister the Gospel. It seems to become more and more intense as time goes on. I have had dreams of me being a pastor of a church and I have had some dreams of me praying for crippled people and they were getting healed right on the spot. The vision that God has given me was to plant a church that will develop pastors the can be sent out to plant churches all over the world. The church would help people find their giftings and callings while creating avenues for them to use them in the church. Teachers, evangilist, and prophets will go out and be apart of the new church plants from our church. This will make it easier for the church planter to have help at the beggining of his church plant. I am currently going to college full time and I am stuck asking my self do I finish college, find a nice paying job and then pursue ministry, or do I pursue ministry now by finding a job and becoming a bivocational pastor until the church has enough funds to support me.I know that I dont have any money for a church plant at this time, but I believe that some how God will guide me though the process. What would you recommend that I should do? Thank you for your time and I would greatly appreciate any advice that you would like to give me.

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