Church Planter

Darrin Patrick - listed in Church Planting

Church Planter is an essential resource for those considering planting a church or already in such a plant, and maybe even more important for those leading an established church. It has wide-ranging application for elders and leadership teams seeking to better understand how the gospel must take root in their church. Avoiding an over-emphasis on particular models or methods, Patrick lays out biblical principles and sound wisdom as he urges the church to return to biblical criteria for determining the man, the message, and the mission God uses to build his church. - (via Acts29)

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Planting Missional Churches

Ed Stetzer - listed in Church Planting

Planting Missional Churches is an instruction book for planting biblically faithful and culturally relevant churches. It addresses the “how-to” and “why” issues of church planting by providing practical guidance through all the phases of a church plant while taking a missional look at existing and emerging cultures.

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Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours

Roland Allen - listed in Church Planting

Missionary Methods written by Roland Allen in 1912, was a book well ahead of its time. Even today his radical critique of Western missionary methods is cutting edge, though the biblical principles he advocates are now being embraced more and more by some ministries that are not tradition-bound. While this book and its sequel (Spontaneous Expansion) address mission work specifically, the principles described do not apply only to how the people of one country do missionary work in another. These books really are about what the Bible has to show us about how to carry out the mission of the church, whether in our own culture, in ministering cross-culturally in our own back yard, or planting churches across an ocean. If Allen is right in the conclusions he draws about finance, many church planting efforts may be operating by financial principles that do more to hinder rather than help establish a healthy, self-supporting church.

Allen’s observations on the biblical pattern for selecting and equipping elders for local church leadership challenged not only the status quo of the Anglican church of his day, but continue to challenge the practices of most churches today. The fact Missionary Methods was written a century ago but still applies to our times is evidence of the Truth it holds. Not an easy read, Allen’s book nonetheless provokes much thought and reflection. Also an excellent commentary on Paul’s letters, Allen’s book is a must read for everyone that is even contemplating a career overseas—and even more so if that career involves missionary work.

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