What is the NorCal Network (NCN)?

The NorCal Network is a collaborative network of like-minded churches in Northern California partnering together to plant church planting churches in the greater Bay Area and beyond.

What does the NorCal Network do?

NorCal Network churches assist called and qualified men to pursue their vision of church planting through assessment, encouragement, training, coaching, funding and fellowship/friendship.

What are the distinctives of the NCN?

Our Men:
We believe church planters and pastors should be men who are called and qualified elders who oversee their churches under the Lord, Jesus Christ, the head of the church.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to see Christ-centered, gospel-driven, complimentarian, missional, church planting churches planted through out the greater Bay area and beyond. 

Our Message:
We believe the reformed gospel of Jesus Christ is the central message of the Bible, as outlined in the foundational documents of the Gospel Coalition.

What kind of churches do you plant?

The NorCal Network unites under the gospel to assist in planting Christ-centered, gospel-driven, missional, complimentarian, church planting churches who hold to the reformed gospel of Jesus Christ. That said, our churches are of no set form; and have the freedom to contextualize in order to most effectively reach the community and culture where it exists.

Do you plant or work with churches outside of northern California?

The NorCal network is open to partnering with churches outside the Bay area who desire to see churches planted in the greater Bay area, as well as aiding churches located in Northern California; and is, in fact, strategically related to the Acts 29 Network. But the greater Bay area is the primary target area for the actual church planting activity of the network.

Do you have a philosophy of ministry?

Because the NorCal Network is a collaborative, peer to peer network, we have no specific philosophy of ministry which is binding on all our churches. However, because our churches hold to a high view of scripture on the one hand while desiring to reach our communities in culturally appropriate ways on the other, a clear and orthodox understanding of the gospel is essential. The gospel message is timeless and applicable for all generations and cultures while being innovative in communicating the gospel in various contexts.